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Dennis M Hallinan Optometry Offers Eye Exams.


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Dennis M Hallinan Optometry
Offers Eye Exams

Dennis M Hallinan Optometry offers eye exams and services in Hollidaysburg, PA. Eye exams are a crucial part of keeping up with your overall health. During an eye exam, the doctor will check for any signs of issues like glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye disease. By testing the pressure of the eye, our optometrist will be able to spot any issues or eye diseases right away. We can also test vision and determine if you will need glasses or to strengthen your current prescription.

 To schedule an eye exam in Hollidaysburg, PA, call us at (814) 317-5030. We accept most major insurances.

Diabetic Eye Exams
for the Altoona, PA, Area

Dr. Hallinan also conducts diabetic eye exams at our office near Altoona, PA. Those with diabetes may find that they are more susceptible to eye diseases and diabetic retinopathy. To check for diabetic retinopathy, the optometrist will dilate the eyes to gain a better view of the eye. We can then check for any swelling, abnormal blood vessels, bleeding, scar tissue, and other issues that affect vision and eye health.

LASIK and Cataract Surgery
Pre-op and Post-op in Hollidaysburg, PA

Patients of Dennis M Hallinan Optometry undergoing eye surgery may have their pre- and post-op appointments with our optometrist. Dr. Hallinan will make sure that you are the right candidate for LASIK or cataract surgery and help you to prepare for the surgery. Once complete, you will return to our office to check over the results and ensure that everything is healing properly. Dennis M Hallinan Optometry offers red eye treatment and foreign body removal at our Hollidaysburg-area office as well. Call us right away for more information.

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When it comes time for your next eye exam, contact Dennis M Hallinan Optometry in Hollidaysburg, PA. We treat patients from across Central PA, including Huntingdon, Ebensburg, Altoona, and the surrounding areas. We also provide products like eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Trust Dennis M Hallinan Optometry for eye exams and services in Hollidaysburg, PA.